PREA Standards

Consultations: The National PREA Standards

The National PREA Resource Center (PRC) is funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance,
Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. According to the PRC’s website, “the PRC’s aim is to provide assistance to those responsible for state and local adult prisons and jails, youth facilities, community corrections, lockups, tribal organizations, and inmates and their families in their efforts to eliminate sexual abuse in confinement.”

As a consultant to the PRC, focused on implementing the standards that pertain to
LGBTI and GNC youth and adults, we are able to provide services to the agencies and
institutions listed above at no cost to the agency. If you are interested in obtaining assistance with PREA implementation and enforcement, please follow these steps:

1) Go to the PRC website to learn about it. (If you are not sure if your agency qualifies for assistance under this grant, please contact the PRC for guidance here.)

2) Go to the Training and Technical Assistance page, and click on “Request for Assistance (Field-initiated TTA).”

3) Complete the form on the “Request for Assistance page.” Under the “Description of
Assistance Needed” field, explain the assistance you need, and mention that you learned about the PRC’s services via B. Brown Consulting, LLC.

4) Click “Submit”.

The PRC will contact you after receiving your request. If you have any other questions prior to submitting a PRC request, please feel free to contact us directly via the “Contact Us” form.

The company strongly urges any jurisdiction seeking PREA assistance to contact the PRC.
Remember, these services are covered by Federal funding and are therefore free for the
jurisdictions requesting assistance.

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